My Mother’s Goodbye

The final day is upon us
like a blistering hot summer day.
Dewy morning mist lingers outside
the bedroom window.
I am asleep in your granddaughter’s bed.
The ruffled curtains and canopy top
of pink and yellow flowers
brighten the room with colorful shadows
when the sun peaks through.
You waited patiently for me to recognize you
standing at the foot of the bed. You are wearing
the blue silk dressing gown I selected for you
to wear. There was no evidence
of the cancer. Your skin is soft and supple
your eyes bright and brown,
your auburn hair has grown back to the length
before time changed us. As I lay half-asleep
I can feel the words
struggling to escape like volcanic ash deep
in the caverns. The darkness
that over-powered me these many months
transforms as you speak. You tell me not to worry
anymore. You will be all right and you love me.
My mind tells me this is a not you,
but my heart believes.
I reach out,
you fade from my fingertips
and enter my memories forever.

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