She wanted it all
Her tears confused most
Was she happy,
Was she sad
Did she love
Does she care
She took it all

Chantilly lace was the smell of her hair
Smoke stained fingernails
Soft skin, like a silk scarf
She sings a lullaby, it makes me cry
Cookies and cakes, sweets of my memory
An angel forever on my mind.

Cell phone sings the “Beatles” ring tone
Her sweet little face fills my screen
I hear her squeaky voice say “Hi Nana”
My day is better because she is there

He brought my pizza
The smell of melting cheese, garlic and tomato sauce
Filled the room
The first piece went down so fast my taste buds wanted more
After the third piece I should have stopped
I forgot what I am doing
The air in the room becomes heavy
Breathing seems to be getting hard
I am afraid they can see me sweating
Legs feel like jelly, stomach rumbling
Heartbeat rises and goosebumps grow
Even though inside I am burning
Find a place to hide, close my eyes let it pass

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