She Came In The Night

In the early morning hours, he emerged moving slowly
the flickering candlelight revealing his form in snapshots
She was naked, but for the silky red panties
Which hugged on her voluptuous form
Like a fine cloak of gossamer, the delicate silky red covered her dew
As she imagined him coming closer
Her arousal assailed her senses

In rhythm to the heaving of her chest
Her breasts crowned by his arousal
Her hands moved from the erect sentinels
To the sweet lips below her soft belly
In a silken movement, she pulled the silky red panties tighter
She imagined moving closer to him
So close she could feel the beating of his heart
And with every breath she took
Her nipples gently brushed against his skin
Then she felt her hands on him
And electricity seemed to move within her
Her touch, soft and delicate on his skin
And as she moved across his body it felt as though he was being wrapped in her silk
Her lips pressed gently against him
As she kissed his chest, his neck, his chin
Then up to his cheek and finally his lips
Where she moistly kissed my mouth
Then without warning she became animal and urgent
As she imagined pulling him to her nails dug deep into his flesh
Her hands sought him out and found him hard and pulsing
She tugged at his hardness, then enveloped him
Immersing him in her, coating him in warm nectar
Deep rasping breaths turned into loud animal moans
As her exertions became more urgent
And when the first orgasm rippled through her, she bit her lip
Her moans had turned to wails
As she cast her head back and forth with each stroke
Then that moment arrived when she imagined them both upon the edge,
Of that most delicious precipice
Between the bestial coupling, primeval and base
And that joyful release of climax
And she let out a banshee wail

All of a sudden, she was wide awake
Laying alone, her skin moist with sweat
The bed in total disarray
she was breathing hard and as she moistened her lips
she detected the metallic taste of blood on her tongue

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