Master Bed

His ghost haunts my sleepless nights By the smoke of burning cigarettes The dreams of our dances between the fights Tick-tock - to the rhythms torments A pillow top supports the carnal imprints Made by voracious lovers The aging scent of sensual sweat transmits On soft cotton covers Diseased from reckless drugs and alcohol Days … Continue reading Master Bed


I see blue in the morning sky Oh! The blue in my eyes They are bathed with reflections, in pools of harmony floating expressions. I cannot reach the untouchably pure, fiercely peaceful, blue sky that bursts with allure. The blue forebodes pasts beholden and provokes deep tranquility in the sky so blue, my eyes cry, … Continue reading BLUE

Secret Naughtiness

The steamy chemistry turns on Hot sensual yearning bodies Passionate pleasure colliding in orgasmic fantasies Wet and creamy lips Hard throbbing phallus Dripping juicy pleasing aura Igniting carnal desires Motion pulsing erections Rhythmic swaying of hips Sounds of climatic ecstasy Sent through the cloud Moans of electronic energy Rendezvous day and night Timing and travel … Continue reading Secret Naughtiness

Their Choice

After a loss of a loved one The heart is not taken for granted Always cherish and hold forever the promise Love is a series of choices Made by two souls Searching for their happily ever after The moments of love that aren’t Quick to show Become the love they yearned know Romance and compassion … Continue reading Their Choice


Our beautiful vibrant flower We love her soft warm voice Her pretty petals of love and grace When she smiles at us And welcomes us with open arms Time has not changed how much Her happiness completes our bouquet We all struggle to keep the vase nourished And hold our youth inside our stems We … Continue reading Lily