I come to life
in your whispers
The layers of my cocoon
Wash away like tissue paper

Your tongue teases my lobe
I quiver with anticipation
Of your breathy words
Wrapping around my body

I feel the heat
Escape your lips
Slowly slipping under my skin
I lean into your raspy voice

The lure of your hand
Gently grasping my throat
The other tugging
At my silky tendrils

My body sways to the rhythm
Of your sultry cadence
Our pleasures dancing in the air
Like intoxicating perfume

You send echos of images
Through my burning body
With every hushed syllable
created by your whispers

The soft sensation of your strong
Body pressing me close
Captivating cues transform
Me at your command

I become a slave
To the sinewy moves
Your quiet voice projects
Onto my pulsing pink skin

The hazy sounds of fantasy
Described in sultry detail
Yearning for your shadowy
Words to crawl beneath my skin

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