Silent silhouette screams Echo deep in the sheets Haunting torched figures Soothing demonic Nightmares Coiled like a serpent Taunting the nerves Culminating to heights Beyond sound Tortured in leather Bound by velvet straps Laced in creating Panicked Imagination Never ending thorns Pierce through scars Buried in shallow memories Captured in the replay of Daydreaming cries

Taming the Dragon

Lips brush gently Upon her brow Arms wrapped in soft passion Legs entangled Her flesh tingles Hand slowly slides Down her spine Feeling the curves Tilted hips Arched back Mewing like a kitten Tempting Clawing Sweet dew Simmers Ripples of energy escape Through her fingertips Upon the milky hard Flesh Taming the dragon

Effervescent Sparkle

Rest your mind close to mine Allow me to caress your thoughts Succumb to my senses Feel the effervescent Sparkle of pleasure Encompassing the present Deep within the twilight Dreams carved on wings In poetic passion Framing the shadows Of sullen memories Turning us contagious To a deep slumber Devoured by the embrace


Heart rates soar Nails run along the frame Of burning skin Bodies scream yet deeper They claw Moving in moans of orgasmic tones Knowing their talons shred the ultimate power of Seduction Flaming finger tips Buried inside Submitting To desires


A kiss unfolds Delicate words Written on her inner thigh It bleeds every sigh a song Scripted for more Memorizing her movement It churns ablaze Of soft touches From whimpers her eyes lit on fire Scratching tempting Tortured desire dream filled maze It yearns to witness An untamed gaze

His Touch

She arches her back his hand slowly move down her spine Her breath shallows whimpering purrs of want escape her He whispers turn over she obeys without hesitation Her hips respond to his touch with an ease of sultry innocence He gently kisses her thigh she feels the electricity Spark through her body His tender … Continue reading His Touch


Create shockwaves of wildfire Igniting flashes of light from her stardust lashes Embrace her shades Of passionate poetry succumb to flirtatious Scorching musical hues Kiss soft pulsing sighs From her sparkly silver eyes Demurely dancing on midnight daydreams


She lays tangled in silken sheets, pillows cradle her where his body is missing. Sleep eludes as luring feelings of their rendezvous awaken her soft supple skin.


He sees her With closed eyes Swimming on blue clouds He listens for her breath She moans and shutters Beckoning unending passion He touches her mind With the silken petals Supple erotic whispers Nibbling her neck Pulsing from her lips Her thoughts give way Pleads for more of him He holds her close Next to … Continue reading Wild

Deep Temptations

Surrender to her touch With no expectations Let it scratch The deep temptations Free the lust The unexplained sensations Let her hear Your sweet whimpers That drives her wild Succumb to her talons Guide her to the hidden places Beyond her wildest dreams Release the fear Capture her imagination