Deep Inside

Down below her skin Lives a viper He feeds off her fears Little by little the serpent Gorges on her Slowly smothering Her forward motion She battles daily Knowing he eats empty Thoughts meant to Inspire beauty and happiness Her courage to smile and Be present is her victory

Stormy Moon

Be the storm With the calmness Of unharnessed passion Picture the sun rise Within foreboding eyes The warmth afterglow of the harvest moon Sinking upon the skin Taste pulsing lips Ever beholden To the moonlight Searching for mystical charms Wrapped in purring Soldering sighs Harnessing commands Sounds of tender mews Welcoming the feeling Without demand

The Moon

The silvery moon senses desire with its electric sultry glow Clouds part the heavenly blue sky like the sandy shores Hiding from the bronze sun peaking beneath in slumber Tides roam soft bodies Searching for A touch Magnetic desire escapes the fingertips Then Slowly The moon fades Velvety morning glow wakes the world


Her sighs Scratched his haunted thoughts Tangled in Silk limbs Purring Mewing tingling taunting his skin Smothering Pulsating nerves Soft Murmurs Biting Supple berry lips Calming beating Whispering Screams on flesh Hold tight restless Untamed tiger

To Taste Her

Desires run deep Cursing through Protected veins Hearts pound in rapid Pleasure seeking motion clinging to sounds He grabs her with fierce purpose Tearing the vail she wears Her cries of pleasure enflame His strength captures The native lust hidden inside She pleads for him to take her Beyond her bodies timeless existence Only then … Continue reading To Taste Her


In the early morning whispers The glimmer of dawn Paints the awakening sky Bursts of pansies pink Speckled with lilac blossoms Rosey red petals Dance around the deep blue New horizon Entertaining the wonder of the Forgotten yesterday Gliding effervescently through our minds


Silent silhouette screams Echo deep in the sheets Haunting torched figures Soothing demonic Nightmares Coiled like a serpent Taunting the nerves Culminating to heights Beyond sound Tortured in leather Bound by velvet straps Laced in creating Panicked Imagination Never ending thorns Pierce through scars Buried in shallow memories Captured in the replay of Daydreaming cries

Taming the Dragon

Lips brush gently Upon her brow Arms wrapped in soft passion Legs entangled Her flesh tingles Hand slowly slides Down her spine Feeling the curves Tilted hips Arched back Mewing like a kitten Tempting Clawing Sweet dew Simmers Ripples of energy escape Through her fingertips Upon the milky hard Flesh Taming the dragon

Effervescent Sparkle

Rest your mind close to mine Allow me to caress your thoughts Succumb to my senses Feel the effervescent Sparkle of pleasure Encompassing the present Deep within the twilight Dreams carved on wings In poetic passion Framing the shadows Of sullen memories Turning us contagious To a deep slumber Devoured by the embrace


Heart rates soar Nails run along the frame Of burning skin Bodies scream yet deeper They claw Moving in moans of orgasmic tones Knowing their talons shred the ultimate power of Seduction Flaming finger tips Buried inside Submitting To desires