How did I get here I keep repeating As the drums beat Deep in my mind Causing tears to Escape down my cheeks How do I stop The maddening cycle Of lost days Time spent healing From a wound Caused by someone else How many times Will life expect Me to climb Over another hurdle … Continue reading How

Moon Shadows

Moon shadows Swallowing sparkling Eyes Effervescent skin On Silk sheets blazing dreams Pulling Floral threads Revealing Her passion Craving To Scratch His wants Waiting breathlessly For moments She won’t share With anyone else

Wet Streams

The lightening doesn’t blind It Surrounds the aura Engulfed in shadows Drawing white Lace Dreams Chantilly face with pleading eyes Capturing supple Waves Smoldering pleasure Forever etched between Wet streams Of silky Erotic fantasy

In My Mind

She wears a scent Of wildflower lust Loves dancing On moonlit clouds Waves of melodies Thunder through her Like sparkling stardust In her veins Lilac petals float On a seascape of Hummingbird wings Around her gypsy glow Evoking naked moans That surround her Rebellious touch Of pure elegance