Forbidden Fantasy

Her breaths escape
in small shallow pants,
Born within, constrained,
restrained, determined to break free
Deep blue looking glass orbs
draped with shame behind closed eyes
He hears the familiar sounds
transcend the realm of auditory space and time,
stretching infinitely to the very precipice of his internal demon
Feeling her move to his kissing, licking,
nibbling, teasing the edges with over-powering pleasing pain
upon her heaving breast,
Ruby lipstick smeared across the back of her hand,
holding back the translucent sensations and screams
of erotic fire racing from her pores
She opens herself with purpose, desire, surrendering to her secret lust,
slowly accepting his strong wanting fingers inside
He feels her exquisite tender pulses,
the pleasure in her orgasmic smile,
searching her face to see her release insecure fears
Moving with her body, holding on, deeper inside her,
faster and calculating, knowing his pleasure is her primal release
She craves for the desire of his forceful touch
transporting her to forbidden fantasy

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